On 12 January, a High Meeting took place between the Metropolitan John of Portugal and Dr. Nazim Ahmad, High Representative for Portugal, of His Royal Highness the Prince AGA KHAN.

The Metropolitan of Portugal expressed, on the occasion, the personal Vows and wishes for a Peaceful New Year of 2011 to Dr. Nazim Ahmad and to His Royal Highness the Prince Aga Khan, hoping that it might be also a useful, suitable and blessed New Year for the full rooting of the measures which both the Fund Aga Khan Development
Network as much as Aga Khan Foundation advocate for pursuing the altruistic, humanitarian, social and fraternal objectives , for which ones the Noble Foundation above referenced guides its own action in the World.

It was also discussed the likely possibility of some Protocols and Partnerships to be concluded - in time - within the framework of a cooperation for the development, growth, improvement and progress concerning actions of humanitarian nature, Social, Educational, Cultural, both in Portugal, as in other geographic quadrants of the planet.

We ask all the faithful to pray for the deepening of this relationship nowadays initiated between the ORTHODOX CHURCH OF PORTUGAL and the AGA KHAN DEVELOPMENT NETWORK AND THE AGA KHAN FOUNDATION.




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