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Sr. Prof. Doutor Fernando Madeira  


Professor Doctor Fernando Mendes Madeira
Nacionality: Portuguese
Universitary Professor

Translator on Oath for the following Languages:

- Castilian (or Spanish), Catalan (Català), French, Italian and Romanian (Român).


- Africander (Afrikaans), German (Deutsch), Danish (Dansk), English,
Dutch (ordinary Flemish and Dutch-Nederlands), Norwegian (Norsk) and Swedish

- Latvian (Latviski) and Lithuanian (Lietùviskai).

- Bulgarian (Bâlgarsky), Czech (Ceský), Croatian (Hrvatski), Slovak (Slovenský),
Slovene (Slovenský), Macedonian (Makedonsky), Polish (Polsky), Russian (Pyccky),
Serbian (Srpski) and Ukrainian (Ykraihckiy)

GREEK (Hellenike)

LATIN (Latin Language)


- Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesia) and Malay (Bahasa Melayu).

- Graduate in Slovak Philology by the Literature Faculty of the Comenian
---University of Bratislava (Slovak Republic).

- Expert in Bulgarian Linguistics by the Faculty of Slavic Philology of the
---University of Sofia (Bulgarian Republic).

- Expert in Czech Linguistics by the Literature Faculty of the Caroline
---University of Praga (Czech Republic).

- Expert in Slovensk Linguistics by the Literature Faculty of the Ljubljana
---University (Slovene Republic).

- Expert in Macedonian Linguistics by the Literature Faculty of the Skopje
---University of Cyril and Methodius (Macedonian Republic).

- Expert in Dutch Linguistics by the Literature Faculty of the Utrecht
---National University (Netherlands Kingdom).

- Expert in Serbian and Croatian Linguistics by the Philology Faculty of
---the Belgrade University (Serbian Republic).



Official Visit at the University Simon Bolivar
Improved by the Government of Venezuela

His Beatitude John the 1st, Metropolitan Primate of the Church, with His Excellency the Engineer Angel Diaz, General Director of the Ministry of Energy and Petroleum of the Venezuela’s Bolivarian Republican Government, with the Director of Scientific Studies of the Energy Institute of the Simon Bolivar University – Engineer Oswaldo Rabelo – before the Academical Auditorium, in Caracas.

Metropolitan John of Portugal was a Guess of Honour of the Simon Bolivar University – by indication of the Venezuelan Government – in order to participate in the Great First Industrial Exposition of Alternative Energies, improved simultaneously by the referred University and the Government of the Republic of Venezuela.

His Beatitude had the sublime opportunity to find out – with His presence – the efforts that both the Venezuela’s Academical Universe, and the Government of this very Country, are carrying out in the sense of maintaining an equilibrium process among the advantages of these Alternative, not pollutant, Energies – as it is the case of the Aeolian and Photo-Voltaic Energy (the Solar one) – and the Hydrocarbons, in other words, the Petroleum products or its by-products.

The Orthodox Church of Portugal, through Her maximum Representative, achieved to affirm Her Official Position before the noxious consequences of the pollutant Energies, formalizing Her total support to all the initiatives seeking to reduce the impact – dramatically growing – of these “classic” energy sources.

The Church cannot ignore this contemporary tragedy elapsing of the indiscriminate use of the pollutant energies which – day by day – becoming more irreversible, arising in tragic local environmental events that indicate a much more eminent and wide global catastrophe than one can suppose or believe to happen.

The Metropolitan also ineffably congratulated with the admirable and surprising concern of the Academical Youth large majority of the University Simon Bolivar (with which established personnal contact), on these crucial subjects related with the environment preservation.

These Academical Youths’ participation and enthusiasm, in terminal phase of the Engineering Course, exceeded in active participation in the Event, both in the preparation and in the fulfilment and dynamic involvement in itself.

Thus, the Church ought to maintain permanent contact with the Scientific World and improve all the possible support before every Government and Private Entities – National or International – that cooperate in this common effort in a serious and pragmatic way, seeking the establishment of an increasing larger number of energy poles becoming of NOT POLLUTANT Sources of Alternative Energy.









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