During this time the Metropolitan had the opportunity to meet at the highest level with some key personalities of both the State and Government of Mozambique.

The purpose of the visit of Metropolitan of Portugal to Mozambique assumes (and assumed) the intention to provide a framework for collaboration between International Financial Authorities Represented by The Church, and the Mozambican State.

The main objective is to present the framework of specific cooperation in helping the Government of Mozambique to have access to international financial resources to enable it to structure and restructure the Country in the sectors most relevant to the quality of life of the Mozambican people and even strategic sectors for the State in the context of Southern Africa.

Metropolitan John of Portugal met, among many other Rulers of Mozambique:

- With the Finance Minister Manuel Chang;

- With Mrs. Minister of Mineral Resources;

- With Mrs. Director of Treasury of State;

- With the President of the Institute of State for Investment;

- With Mr. Counsellor of State, Mr. Ussuname Ali Dauto.

The willingness of the Orthodox Church of Portugal, through its Primate, His Lordship John of Portugal, in order to contribute to a restructuring of the Country at nationally level, has found great receptivity on the part of Officials of State and Government of Mozambique.

It is now up to Government Authorities and State Mozambican, framing the geostrategic point of view – both potential financial and political measures, arising from the collaboration formally proposed by the Metropolitan of Portugal.May Our God brighten and clarify the Mozambican Government Authorities on the best solutions and financial policies to be taken in order to overcome the technical difficulties that may persist, so that this design completely altruistic and fraternal, exposed by the Primate of Portugal lead for deliberation and timely resolution of the measures listed.

We thank the State and Government of Mozambique for the fraternal order and caring, with which Ruled - at all times - the sincere dialogue, interested, serious and committed, on auscultation of the Cooperation Project announced by His Lordship, Metropolitan John, Primate of the Orthodox Church Portugal.



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