Regarding to the recent military conflict between Russia and Georgia, resulting in the tragic martial dispute in South Ossetia, Caucasus, His Beatitude Metropolitan John issued the following Statement:

“The Orthodox Church of Portugal, Her Hierarchy, Clergy, Monks, Nuns and Faithful are following with deep sorrow and consternation the recent conflict between Russia and Georgia. The Church of Portugal has keeping fraternal relationship with both Churches and it is extremely painful the verification of the unchained war desolating Georgia and Russia and the consequent following suffer, both for those inside the direct conflict area and all those who are in that area surroundings and watch their sons and relatives’ deaths”.

“We pray in order that the political Responsible ones act according to the inalienable principles of their Peoples’ life protection and offer them full warranty of security and prosperity”.

“The Orthodox Church of Portugal is also praying so that all hostilities have an end and enter in immediate cease-fire in order to the complete Peace reestablishment.

We pray so that the political Entities of the involved Countries demonstrate before the respective peoples and before the World, the accurate sense of responsibility demanded out of them, according to their High accomplished Functions.

We pray so that sound and healthy discernment fill the Russia and Georgia’s Political Leaders in order that they undertake all efforts for the searching of a conflict peaceful resolution, which has already given rise to so much suffering in uncountable Georgia and Russia’s sons.

We also pray so that this quarrel between the mentioned Sovereign Nations do not produce occasion to bigger damage and irreparable evil deed in their Peoples nor become a leaven or a groundwork for dangerous implications and arbitrary intromission in the private life of other Motherlands and States Caucasus, East Europe and, who knows, in the world”.

“It is our privilege to verify the continuous efforts both of His Holiness the Patriarch Aleksy II of Russia and His Holiness the Catholicos-Patriarch Elias II of Georgia in the reciprocal demanding for the Peace reestablishment and the pacific relationship between both Peoples, Brothers in the Faith.

We pray so that all efforts and zeal demonstrated by the Holy Patriarchs of Georgia and Russia may result in a pressing, inevitable and effective ceasing of hostilities between both Countries, in order to the conflict immediate end and urgent Peace improving in Caucasus area, with the definitive end of violence, intimidations and threats”.


His Beatitude also sent supporting letters to His Holiness the Patriarch Aleksy of Russia and His Holiness the Catholicos-Patriarch Elias of Georgia.

“The violent war resulting in the conflict between Russia and Georgia gives to the world moments of real terror and astonishment, being watched by the Orthodox Christians of Portugal, Spain and Brazil with deep sorrow and concern.

Our hearts are painfully sad and afflicted by the life loss – precious God’s Gift toward Man – of so many Russian and Georgian brothers.

I extend the Prayer of the Orthodox Church of Portugal and my personal fraternal love to Your Holiness Patriarch Aleksy II and His Holiness the Catholicos-Patriarch Elias II for the great example of Your Spiritual Leadership and Primacy in the Love of Christ, Teaching and indelible Models for the Russian and Georgian Societies.

We ask God to make fruitful Your continuous efforts towards the Peace improvement, sound Discernment and righteous Criterion to be followed by the Political Leaders of both Countries at outs with each other, Russia and Georgia, in order that, in an imperishable way, Hope may root Peace again”.

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