Visit to Moldava.

The High Revend Archpriest Andrew received our Metropolitan of Portugal at bossom of his one’s family, in his residence in Chisinau in a warm and apostolicaly joyfull manner.

From over there leaved The Metropolitan of Portugal for visiting the churches of Saint Theodor of Tiro; great church (in construction) dedicated to the Holy Mother of God, located in the neighborings of the Capital and orthodox Cemitery.

The Metropolitan of Portugal still had the ocasion to visit and had been received at some orthodox families home under the parish jurisdiction of Archpriest Andrew with ones brotherly shared the Agape and discussed upon important thems both of the pastoral reality and life – in general – in Moldova.

The pastoral work developed by Archpriest Andrew is, at all titles, remarcable, being enough to mention the building of the biggest church of all Moldova which he himself initiated and is finishing nowadays.

We must also underline that Archpriest Andrew guided this great Work only with his personal efforts and with the ones comming from his community to which one he presides – more than three million of euros were already invested by himself in these magnifficent church.

May this example of clergyman, entirely devoted to his both pastoral and sacerdotal Mission, serve of incentive and standard to all the clergymen of our Autonomous Metropole of Portugal.

During this day our Metropolitan still was escorted by Priest Nikon, Rector of the beautiful church of Saint Theodor of Tiro and by Subdeacon Ion Puiu, all members of the clergymen of the Metropolitan Archdiocese of Chisinau.







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